Explore the Cerro del Quemado Ceremonial Center

San Luis Potosí , San Luis Potosí

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At 3,800 meters above sea level, the Cerro del Quemado Ceremonial Center is located. It is there where the Wixaritari erected a ceremonial center, made up of three concentric circles made of stone. 

Recharge your battery and start the journey on horseback or on foot. If you don’t want to try out a walking trip, locate the so-called caballerangos -grooms- to offer you a horseback ride, from the downtown streets to the Wirikuta Sanctuary, through semi-desert landscapes.

Check out why the Huichols state that the universe was formed there, and start the original route which includes the five sacred points of the Wixárika people: San Blas, in Nayarit; Cerro Gordo, in Durango; Santa Catarina y Chapal, in Jalisco, and Wirikuta, in San Luis Potosí.

Be surprised by the rocky formations, some with human-like faces and other entities.

Enjoy the view of the Sierra and the Bajio from the top of the most sacred mountain of Wirikuta, where you will find some improvised altar. Do your personal ceremony and indulge in meditation. Leave some offering on the spot before your departure.


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