Visit the Aktún Chen Natural Park

Tulum , Quintana Roo

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The Aktún Chen environmental protection and conservation park protects different species of fauna and flora and offers a friendly and harmonious environment. Enter the cave to observe the natural decorations of the stalactites hanging from the ceiling and the columns that seem to hold the geological formations in place. Listen to the guides talk about the evolution of the earth during its formative early years.

Glide between treetops on the zip line and feel your adrenaline rush while admiring the vegetation and the birds.

Immerse yourself in an underground river and let yourself be carried away by the freshwater stream as it flows from the cave. Stop to rest and admire the landscape that surrounds you. Enjoy the light that enters the openings above you. Be inspired by the thousands of years that it took for the cave to be formed.

Walk along the trails and observe the spider monkeys, the white-collared peccaries and the agouti that stroll through the park. Admire the tropical flowers and listen to the chatter of the parakeets and toucans that inhabit the jungle.

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