Visit El Garrafón Aquatic Park

Isla Mujeres , Quintana Roo

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After the Mayans and the Spanish conquerors, pirates arrived on the island, including Captain Lafitte and Mundaca the Pirate. Mundaca's hacienda is found in the south of the island, next to El Garrafon Park. 

Garrafon is a spectacular natural park adorned with reefs that enjoys an extraordinary view of the Caribbean Sea and its captivating colors. Enjoy the amazing view from the Punta Sur Cliff, the highest point of elevation in the Yucatan Peninsula. From there, you can see the Lighthouse, the Mayan temple to Ixchel, the Sculpture Garden, and an amazing sunrise. Relax with a tropical cocktail or take a pleasant nap in a hand-made hammock as you rock between two palm trees with a view of the reef and the serene sea.

Refresh yourself in the 35-meter long pool with breathtaking views of the sea and which even provides you with a view of the coast of Cancun in the distance. Take your goggles, vest, and fins and be amazed by the many colors under the water when you go snorkeling along the cliffs. You can even swim with dolphins.

If you are looking to pump more adrenaline, fly freely over the sea as you take off on a zip line. Paddle a kayak around the reef, or take an excursion or bike tour to enjoy the island's beautiful scenery.

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