Up to the top of Peña de Bernal

Bernal , Querétaro

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The Peña de Bernal, at one thousand feet high and twenty million tons heavy, is recognized as the third-largest monolith in the world and estimated to be ten million years old.


Get to the viewpoint by car or on foot to admire the view of the village of Bernal that rises amid the untamed wildernesses around the stone. Enjoy the hospitality of the vendors waiting to pamper you with their refreshing drinks, typical antojitos and crafts for sale. Enjoy the scenery as your legs overcome the challenge of the climb to the top of the rugged, solid lava surface, formed by the eruption of an ancient volcano that disappeared over time due to rain and wind erosion.

Note the tenacious species of vegetation that have given way among the bare rocks. 


Dare to climb the vertical 150-foot wall that has been marked by iron staples anchored to the rock for its ascent. Hire the services of a professional who will provide helmets, ropes, harnesses, pulleys and carabiners, in addition to the know-how and indications you’ll need to reach the summit.

Attend a rappelling training session before your climb; then on your way back, slide by holding onto a safety line and leaning on the strength of your arms and legs while you admire the landscape. Increase your heartrate as you look to the sky and backdrop; overcome your vertigo and the fear that you’ve left behind to live this adventure.


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