Town of sones, San Joaquín, Querétaro

San Joaquín , Querétaro

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The Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) of San Joaquin is located on the slopes of the Sierra Gorda, in the state of Queretaro.


Take a walk in this small village surrounded by mountains with weather variations that fluctuate between moderate and cold throughout the year. Stroll around the central square and along narrow streets with viceregal buildings painted in various shades of yellow and ocher. The colorful roofs, made of reddish clay tiles, will surprise you.

This old mining town boasts an archeology museum, located in the Municipal Library, where you will find physical records of the different artifacts made by ancient indigenous settlers of the region.


Book your stay in the month of April to enjoy the national Huapango and Huasteco musical trio contest, considered the most important of its kind in the country.

Try the typical dishes of the region, especially the pork in green sauce served with “nopales” and the barbequed lamb. Savor the sweets made with piloncillo (raw sugar) and local fruit including pumpkin and “chilacayote”. The ates (fruit paste) with regional cheese is an excellent dessert at the end of the afternoon. Pair your gastronomic experience with delicious artisan liquors of different fruits, typical of San Joaquin.


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