Tour of Tancama archaeological site

Jalpan de Serra , Querétaro

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Find wonderful relics hidden between ancient rivers and millenary mountains.


Awaken the explorer spirit inside you and venture into the hills of the Sierra Gorda, where the home of the ancient Huasteco awaits for you to discover it. After a delicious Queretaro breakfast, leave Jalpan de Serra and head east. Don´t forget to pack water, a cap and your camera.


At the archeological site of Tancama, stroll through the magnificent ceremonial center enclaved in the hills and conformed by buildings built on batters with stone labs, which become part of three big squares built dip and walk through the large squares of El Mirador, Santiago and La Promesa. Wander through its corners and learn about the amazing history of the site and the people that created it.

Investigate structures of different sizes and shapes that were carefully oriented for you to witness a magical spectacle. On the day of the winter equinox, the sun perfectly aligns with the Cerro Alto, rising imposingly towards the south.


When you finish exploring Tencama, take advantage of the proximity and visit Landa de Matamoros, a picturesque town that is home to the Temple of Santa Maria del Agua. Eat in one of the local restaurants offering regional delicacies and end your tour in the Franciscan mission.

Stare at the magnificent Baroque facade, generously decorated with Viceregal engravings, columns and sculptures . Let yourself be carried away by the stories they tell, in which a new god arrives to distant lands.


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