The Rebirth of the Pre-Hispanic in Bernal

Bernal , Querétaro

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The Peña de Bernal is considered by the concheros as the gateway to the Great Chichimeca; for the locals, the chichimeca refers to a victorious warrior who was conquered but never defeated. 


Make sure you come prepared and on time to observe a group of concheros getting ready for their ceremony. They come because the peña, or rock, is full of signs that don’t distinguish between prehistory and history, but rather complement their relationship. On it, one can find eagles, jaguars, turtles, walruses, horses, apes, dogs, elephants, lions, primates and figures of men, women, and children. 


Before starting the dance, see the pilgrims coming from all directions to prepare the site, cleaning the air and the earth with rue and rosemary branches. Watch the sahumadora light the ocote that heats the copal to offer the new fire to the five directions of the universe, asking the Mother Earth for permission to experience the physical and material manifestations of the sun and the spirit. 


Watch the concheros greet each other with a bow. Hear the huehuetls drumming gravely to give way to the resonance produced by the goblins entering the invisible chambers at the hands of the interpreters, where sound is transformed into echo. Feel how the scents of herbs rise to fill the earth-scented clouds, and see the dancers as they begin to move around the fire.

Let the singing, the music, the dancing and the essences connect you with the group and be part of a spirit that grows and takes you in completely.


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