The Casonas of Cadereyta welcome you.

Cadereyta , Querétaro

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The Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) of Cadereyta, founded in 1640, opens the road leading you to the astounding Sierra Gorda de Querétaro.


Visit the imposing historic downtown, which has preserved the buildings that bore witness to the history of the natives, missionaries, officers and miners who have shared and explored the brave territory of the sierra.
Walk along the central square decorated with river stones that form an immense veined rug. Absorb the movement  along its traditional bandstand surrounded by old constructions of yellow and ocher tones that shelter more than four centuries of viceregal history. 
Stroll along the beautiful portals adorned with huge wooden gates, windows, entranceways, and balconies through which the city’s passionate energy passes. Stop in front of the Templo de San Pedro y San Pablo with its Porfirian-style clock at the façade, get inside and admire the churrigueresco style altarpiece,  gaze at the Municipal Palace and the impetuous viceregal houses of ancestry. 
You cannot miss the nursery and botanical garden of Cadereyta, whose fame is due to its collections of cacti are among the largest in the world.


You will find numerous celebrations here; the most important among them being San Gaspar on February 2, Nuestra Señora del Refugio on July 4, and the commemoration of the founding of Cadereyta celebrated on September 8.
At lunchtime, delight the typical dishes of the region; including pork carnitas, beef chicharrón or the nopal in its mother, which is served inside of a penca, a maguey stalk. Also, get to know the work of the region’s artisans, whose marble creations and saddlery are most renowned.

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