Rise in a balloon from the skies of Tequisquiapan

Tequisquiapan , Querétaro

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Ángel Lorenzo

To fly in a hot air balloon means to gravitate with the slow and soft air, to want to touch the clouds and shift among the ethereal air currents like a bird.

Begin this adventure early in the morning in the agreed location with the crew that will show you the flight plan and set up the equipment for you. Take part in the preparations, climb into the basket and watch how the balloon works, using the fans to push the warm lighter air from the burners to slowly propel you into the sky under the rainbow.

Be amazed by the majestic mountain landscapes and the rooftops of the Tequisquiapan village below you with the pass of the clouds over your head. Feel the breeze join the fire and refresh with the soft wind coming from outside. Have a toast with your friends or family with a sparkling wine or a soda to celebrate your stay in the heights. Be sure to take lots of pictures.

When the caravan is ready to return to land; take notice on how the crew will release the hot air and to gain weight, your balloon will begin to smoothly descend and, with precise movements, going to the exact location where the landing is expected. Enjoy the moments when you descend from the heights, since you will never forget that morning when you conquered the skies.

Reserve your spot for mid-December if you want to participate in the Airborne Party, a gathering where hundreds of hot air balloons sail the sky together. 

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