Lose yourself in the unique beauty of Santiago Apóstol parish

Jalpan de Serra , Querétaro

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Catedrales e Iglesias

Between the mountains of Sierra Gorda lies a gem of incredible historical and architectural value.


Walk through the picturesque streets of this Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) until you reach the main square, adorned with fresh gardens and a beautiful kiosk surrounded by lanterns and look at the impressive structure of the Santiago Apostle Church.


Head towards the spectacular church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and discover the town’s favorite treasure. Admire the sublime facade of the first of mission Brother Junipero Serra founded in the region and lose yourself in the fusion of baroque and mestizo details that richly adorn the temple, showing the magical beauty born from such syncretism.


Examine the various figures on the mortar-covered wooden and jute facade that symbolize the defense of faith. Be surprised by the mysterious two-headed eagle devouring a serpent from the base. Recognize the saints and the angels that adorn the semicircular arch of the entrance and watch the square from above.
Enter the chapel and explore the interior, remarkably less adorned than the facade, although equally exquisite. Marvel at the splendid arched vaults supported by semicircular arches according to the Latin cross plant with the altar front and center. 


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