Colors in the Sky

Tequisquiapan , Querétaro

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Near the community of Trinidad, opal deposits have been forming for thousands of years. It is a mineraloid highly valued in the jewelry business thanks to its brightness and irradiation capacity, which depends on the pureness of its crystals.

Visit the open mines located in the mountains, where tunnels are patiently  excavated, leading to the areas where gems can be extracted. Watch as the well-built workers wield their homemade hammers with fine tips in order to separate the opal from the stone where it is incrusted. You could even find a small opal fragment on the ground, with the help of your guide’s expert eyes. 

Learn about the magical meaning the Aztecs gave to the hummingbird stone and how they used it for making ornamental and ceremonial items.

Since you are there, admire the rugged landscape of the Presa Centenario, the Tequisquiapan Valley and, far away, the Rock of Bernal.

Finish your tour in the workshops, where you will learn how each piece is cut, polished and shaped before it is set in the metal; purchase a rustic, polished or mounted piece to commemorate your adventure. 

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