Become an ornithologist at the Jalpan dam

Jalpan de Serra , Querétaro

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Carlos "BaronVonNekruch"

Be dazzled by the abundant natural wealth of the largest body of water in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve.


Wake up before sunrise and after taking a coffee, arm yourself with binoculars and a camera. Awaiting you is a spectacular morning of birdwatching under the Jalpan de Serra sun. Head south of the town and enter the paradise hidden in the dam, fed by the cool flow of the Escanela river.


Stop at the pier and rent a boat or kayak; you will need it to explore the immense artificial lake, home to hundreds of aquatic, land and flying animals, which is why this wetland is of global importance. Let the gentle currents lull you on the tranquil surface as it begins to glow with the first rays of the sun and watch the reserve wake up around you.


Admire how the varied inhabitants of the reserve begin to venture out of their dens with the morning. Observe the elegant wings of an olive cormorant, flying with the warm air currents, while looking for its prey underwater. Discover the bright eyes of the tropical roadrunner that hides under the branches of a small tree and marvel at the bright colors of the beautiful common kingfisher that will sing wonderful melodies later on.


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