Become an archeologist in Ranas

San Joaquín , Querétaro

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The mysteries of the Ranas archaeological site are hidden up in the mountains at 1,500 miles above sea level.


Walk up the trails to the top first settled between 600 and 1,000 BC by the Chichimecas. The area was inhabited them until the Spanish conquest.  

For many centuries, its strategic location has showcased for a panoramic vista of the surrounding natural environment. Imagine living in a place that allows you to see everything around you, where you can control every access route and detect any potential threats to your way of life.  This advantage allowed for the Chichimecas to thrive and protect their people.


Learn ancient cinnabar extraction techniques. A special mineral is used to extract the red pigment which was then used for funerary ceremonial purposes. The pigment covered the tombs of the ancient Mexicans, and was in high demand throughout all of all over the Mesoamerica.

Discover the trade routes that took the precious ceremonial color to areas across the entire continent.


Admire the three Juego de Pelota (Mesoamerican ball game) courts, aligned with the same central axis, as well as the ceremonial structures sharing the wonderful views of the mountain range.

Fancy yourself an archeologist walking through ancient buildings; bring your best camera up to take some wonderful panoramic pictures as perfect souvenirs of your adventure.

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