Walk along the San Marcos River and its bridge

Xicotepec , Puebla

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The San Marcos River is nestled in a valley near the Magic Town of Xicotepec, along the road to Tlaxcalantongo. The river is known for the beautiful tropical plants on its shores, including ferns and orchids. 

Walk down to the river beds through dirt roads and see the many caves and caverns that have formed along the trail. Be prepared for the mist perpetually surrounding the river, due in part to the humidity of the region. Discover how the river becomes into a rapid and a backwater depending on the time of the year. 


Enjoy water sports such as rafting in the rapids and small waterfalls, that will make your journey delightful. 
If you prefer, you can spend a calm day submerged in the tranquil waters you will find in several points of the river.


Spanning the river’s width, the San Marcos Bridge is a modern architectural wonder, standing 225 meters high, making it the twelfth highest bridge in the world. 

You can the walk the full 2700 meters across to get panoramic views of the area and see river from above. If it’s foggy, feel like you are standing among the clouds, where you get such a spectacular view. 

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