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Zacatlán de las Manzanas , Puebla

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Zacatlan de las Manzanas, Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) is one of those places that invite you to enjoy the simple things and make you feel that time  passes slower. Some say that, if it’s true that time is gold, in Zacatlan everybody arrives there rich and leaves poor because they have used up every minute. 


Just two blocks from the Flower Clock, visit the Museo de Relojeria Alberto Olvera Hernandez, a famous clock museum. The creator of the flower clock has curated his entire personal collection and put it out on display for every visitor’s delight.

After the museum, visit the first clock factory in all of Latin America. Explore the past observing the evolution of clock making through the centuries, showing the human need to know the exact time that we live in.



If you happen to visit on a weekend, make sure to attend one of the local doll shows displayed at the façade of the factory. The shows take attendees on an imaginary journey through traditional Mexican songs and clothing.

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