Visit the El Salto de Quetzalapan Waterfall

Chignahuapan , Puebla

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El Salto de Quetzalapan is the place to spend a day amid the sounds of falling water.

Sense its grandeur and majesty among the birds that sing and peer through the cool and cloudy landscape. The waterfall of more than three hundred feet will astound you at a simple glance. 

Walk along the 365-step trail, built one step per day for an entire year. Then, if you still have energy to spare, descend one hundred feet more to the overlook, where you can appreciate the waterfalls.

Marvel at the remains of old machinery brought from Germany for the operation of the hydroelectric plant built in 1930.



If extreme sports are your thing, go for the zip-line, practice archery or stroll along the hanging bridge over 650 feet high.



If you get hungry, visit one of the small restaurants located here. Where you can taste delicious quesadillas with hand-made tortillas filled with cheese, cottage cheese, chorizo or mushrooms, all with different seasonings and herbs that lend a special flavor. 

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