Tour the City of Cholula

Cholula , Puebla

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Cholula, Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) that prides itself on having a church for each day of the calendar year, is part of the metropolitan area of Puebla, though it safeguards its taste for yesteryear and its provincial spirit.


Start your tour in the best possible way, taking the tram from the town square to discover the most important areas of the city. 
Head to the Parish of San Pedro by using its immense tower as your guide, visible from all points of the city. Be dazzled by its Neoclassic altar covered in gold foil, and stop under the Churrigueresque-style dome illuminated by its eight arched windows.
Explore the house of the eagle knight, the royal Capilla de Naturales (Natives Chapel), the murals of the municipal council, the Franciscan library and the convent of Saint Gabriel. 


Explore the portals and pry around the craftsmen’s stalls, who will gladly share the stories behind their pieces. Head towards the Cosme del Razo market, where you will fulfill your expectations of a good traditional Puebla meal to share with friends.

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