Monumental sculpture of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the heights of the Tabacal Hill

Xicotepec , Puebla

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The top of Tabacal Hill is home to one of the most religious and fervent places in the region.

Go up through the hill’s trails, once you reach the top, walk the square to be in front of the sculpture. Admire the Virgen de Guadalupe sculpture, which stands thirty meters tall, which provides stunning views and a deeply religious experience for visitors. Be surprised by its beautiful colors and feel the spiritual energy of the place.

If you’re visiting around December 12, join locals in masses celebrating the Virgin Mother, as well as celebratory music and dancing.


At the edge of the hill, you can see a stunning panoramic view of the hills and nature surrounding you. If you’re exploring Tabacal Hill at dusk or in the early morning, the fog settles in for a beautiful halo around yourself.

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