Marvel at the Xoxoctic Botanical Garden

Cuetzalan , Puebla

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At just 10 minutes by car from downtown Cuetzalan is the Xoxoctic Botancial Garden, taken from the Nahuatl word for “green.” 

Enjoy the exuberant wildlife and the perpetual mist that blankets countless types of multicolored orchids, arborescent ferns and butterfly gardens.

As you walk along the cobbled paths, you will discover more than 152 different types of orchids, coffee plantations and a butterfly garden that breeds 10 different native species.


The ceremonial blessing of the tree that safeguards the plants marks the beginning of the orchid festival, organized by the Xoxoctic Botanical Garden. The festival is held from June to August, which is when these plants flourish.

The dance and music of this festival will fascinate you. You can also partake in other activities such as guided tours, group workshops and various events that will allow you to learn more about this flower. 



If you enjoy shopping, you will find local artisans and plenty of crafts here ranging from embroidered textiles to local sweets and even jewelry made from coffee beans. Another option is to buy an orchid, but there are only 6 species available for sale.

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