Know Pahuatlán: Place of fruits

Pahuatlán , Puebla

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On the slopes of Mount Ahia, in a small valley of the Sierra Norte de Puebla, is located Pahuatlán, a magical town of incomparable beauty.

When you arrive at the village, you make feel like taking a past time trip, since its inhabitants who still retain their old traditions and customs. In nahuatl, Pahuatlán,  means place of the fruits, was founded by Augustinian friars. Get into the ancient kingdom of Totonacapan, the walkout of Totonacas towards the mountains and the occupation of Nahuas and Otomis.


Walk the seductive streets with small slopes that take you to its central courtyard. Admire the colonial-style buildings with their beautiful painted houses and their clay tile roofs. Look at the Church of Santiago Apostol, founded in the seventeenth century, which is a modest colonial style building considered a cultural heritage of the state.

Sit on its picturesque central square and look around. There are immense mountains with beautiful vegetation of varied climates; the cold zone with forests of pine and oak, the temperate zone with rains all year is surrounded with coffee plantations and cane fields, and the hot zone with tropical fruit trees such as mango, banana, zapote and peaches.


Discover how amate paper, wooden handicrafts, pottery and embroidery are still made.


Try delicious dishes such as Tamales de Hollejo, peanut tamales,cecina ahumada tacos and chicales sauce made with a kind of ant. Try a candy made with piloncillo, rice taquitos accompanied by a peanut or pineapple atole, which are real delicacies.

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