Huauchinango, a colonial charm village

Huauchinango , Puebla

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Catedrales e Iglesias

Just two hours from the capital city of Puebla, the town of Huauchinango, a Nahuatl word that means “in the wall of trees,” will immediately enthrall you.


The first stop is the historic downtown. Visit the public square and its brown town hall, with its beautiful semicircular embedded arches and curved facades. The public square features beautiful viceregal-style buildings that will enchant you.


Visit the Sanctuary of the Lord in His Holy Burial, which was voted the best church of 2015. Legend has it that one day, a muleteer arrived and asked for lodging for him and his mule. He was offered food and a place to sleep, and the next morning, when someone went to wake him up, there was no one there. Only a huge box had been left behind, which remained closed for several days until the monks decided to open it. To great surprise, inside the box they saw the image of the Lord in His Holy Burial. Several times they tried to take him out, but strangely the image would restore itself back, so they decided to build a church, and made it the patron saint of the town of Huauchinango ever since.
Another place to visit is the Parroquia de la Asunción, featuring the largest dome in Latin America. The traditional flower fair is held during first week of Lent, where local producers open up for sale. You visit will include dancing, music and folklore, with more than 200 varieties of plants are featured along with azaleas, dahlias, magnolias, begonias and camellias.


Traditional dishes that you must taste are cecina with enchiladas, chiltepín, papatla leaf tamales, chile with egg, piñon sweets and preserved fruits. There are also great artisans whose products you can discover by visiting their beautiful little shops.


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