Experience the ancestral traditions of Atlixco

Atlixco , Puebla

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Julian Hernandez

Discover the ancestral celebrations of the ancient inhabitants of Atlixco and experience the pride of living in these lands alongside its people. 

On the last Sunday of September, feel the excitement of taking part in Huey Atlixcayotl, “the great heart,” the most important celebration of Atlixco. Walk toward the slopes of the Cerro de San Miguel and encounter the dancing, songs and the typical dresses that villagers put together to thank Mother Earth for the gains made over the course of the year.

Admire the flower exhibitions and contests, paintings and craft samples.

Twenty days before the big Huey Atlixcayotl party, Atlixco throws a smaller celebration known as Atlixcayotontli. Tontli, which means “small,” serves as a preamble to the celebrations held to usher in the autumn season, where you can mingle with the community in their typical dances, songs and traditional dress worn with pride.

During the Holy Week religious festivities, the streets become a splendid carpet of vibrantly stained sawdust and flower petals. Watch as actors walk across the beautiful mixture, executing religious performances. 

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