Ex-Convent of Santa Rosa: Museum of Folk Art

Puebla , Puebla

The Museum of folk art, which is hosted in this Ex-Convent, showcases various forms of art and crafts of the seven regions of the state of Puebla. Over the course of nine permanent exhibition rooms you will find paintings that belonged to the convent, as well as an extensive collection of folk art that includes textiles, masks, furniture and pottery.

The patio and the kitchen of this site retain the air of grandeur of the days in which it functioned as a convent. One of the most beautiful rooms of this Ex-Convent is the kitchen, where the famous mole poblano was allegedly invented. The creative nuns combined very varied ingredients to create this dish, a rich sauce that is at the same time sweet and very spicy very characteristic of the region. It is worth mentioning that the colonial kitchen is decorated from floor to ceiling with talavera tiles.

(This museum is temporarily closed for renovations)

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