Enjoy the Chignahuapan Lagoon

Chignahuapan , Puebla

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The Chignahuapan or Almoloya Lagoon is an aquifer made up of nine waterholes.

Take a five-minute walk along the forest trails to discover a quiet place surrounded by Palapas. Here you can fish, take a boat ride, swim or have a picnic as the sound of the water relaxes your senses.


Then, go from downtown Chignahuapan to the Chignahuapan Lagoon and join the city locals while they make the offering of the thousand lights in the celebration of the Day of the Dead.
Admire the path lit by candles and torches. Once at the lagoon, admire the pre-Hispanic dances, songs, music and dancing, all meant as an offering to the deceased. The march of the torches is performed at dusk, to greet the souls by the edge of the Chignahuapan River. At night, fireworks light up the sky as the festival’s finale.

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