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Cuetzalan , Puebla

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Cuetzalan is a Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) located in the Northern Sierra of the state of Puebla,  it welcomes you with open arms as if time had stopped at the hillside of the mountains. It is a place of fertile lands, jungles with gigantic ferns, waterfalls and pools of crystal-clear water.

Visit the 17th century San Francisco Parish, whose enormous tower was added in the 19th century. Pay a visit to the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception or La Conchita Church followed by the San Francisco Parish. Don’t forget to see the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, known as the Jarritos Church with its neo-Gothic style, it gets its name from its tower, which is adorned with hundreds of small decorative clay pots.
Walk through the palm tree-lined streets until you reach the neo-Classical Municipal Palace, whose design is said to be based on the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran in Rome. Stop for a moment and turn to enjoy the Papantla's flying men with their colorful clothes and chants while they seem to turn into human birds..

Stop for a moment at one of the shops that you will find along the way and discover wax figures, textiles and loom-made garments, as well as basketry and wood crafts.

In the afternoon, you can visit a restaurant and try smoked meat, tlacoyos, mushrooms, passionfruit wine and, for dessert, a rodeo bread or regional fruits such as macadamias or passionfruit.

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