Walk through the Village of Capulalpam

Capulálpam de Méndez , Oaxaca

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NVI Noticias, Carina Pérez García,

The Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) of Capulalpam de Mendez is a site of great human and cultural wealth. Its main characteristic is the yellow limestone, which is used to build and adorn its main monuments.

Visit the Parish of San Mateo and observe its simple façade composed of yellow limestone and two bell towers. Admire its altars and altarpieces in baroque and churrigueresque style; the main altarpiece is carved out of wood plated in gold leaf, in the Solomon style and dedicated to the village’s patron saint. Note the oil painting biblical and religious passages.

Enjoy the magical architecture of Capulalpam, with its adobe houses and brick walls that recall the importance of clay as the basic element abounding in this place. Traditional earthen floors and mosaics will capture your attention. Visit the Monument to the Miner, the Public Square and the Monument to the Mother.

Delight in typical dishes such as tlayudas with tasajo and for a drink, order a hot chocolate or the traditional pericón tea. 


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