Visit the coffee farms of Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido , Oaxaca

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The coffee farms in Pluma de Hidalgo date back to the late nineteenth century, during the Porfiriato era when commercial crops were developed for export. Currently, there are several Oaxacan farm producers that have made coffee their raison d'être. They have brought international fame to the Pluma brand.

Choose to spend the day enjoying a sensory visit in one of the coffee farms like Las Maravillas, El Pacífico, Alemania, Copalita, Las Nieves, La Soledad, El Faro, La Gloria or Camila.

Inhale the soft aroma of coffee and learn about the process the bean goes through before reaching your cup. Explore the coffee plantations and learn the secrets of the trade. Observe the sorting, pulping, drying, selection and toasting processes.

Talk with the workers on these farms and feel the tranquility, the empathy and simplicity of the people. Feel at home and enjoy a freshly roasted coffee.

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