Tour the archaeological sites near San Pablo Villa de Mitla

San Pablo Villa de Mitla , Oaxaca

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After Monte Alban ceased to exist as a nucleus of power, Mitla became the most important center for the Zapotecs inhabiting the valley. Visit the two archaeological sites near San Pablo Villa of Mitla where the past’s secrets are unveiled. 


Your tour begins west of the village of San Pablo Villa de Mitla. Appreciate the Bosque de Piedra (Stone Forest) on your way to the nearby hill called La Fortaleza. Once on the hill, walk up the slope and admire the walled edifices of this Zapotec defensive site. While you enjoy the landscape, picture yourself defending the fortress from fierce invaders as was done in the past. 


Finish your journey at the southeast end of San Pablo Villa de Mitla. Just 10 minutes from the village, you will find the town of Xaaga. Visit the abandoned ruins of a hacienda that was very prosperous in its time. Make sure to explore this site’s accessible cross-shaped tomb. 

Walk through the remains of the tomb and admire the adobe walls that contribute to its greatness. Once you have enjoyed this archaeological site, be sure to admire the beautiful cotton textiles made by Mitla artisans.

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