Tour of the archeological zone of San Pablo Villa de Mitla

San Pablo Villa de Mitla , Oaxaca

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One of the most important pre-Hispanic areas in Mexico is located in San Pablo Villa de Mitla, the archaeological site of Mitla. It is the second most important ceremonial site in the Oaxaca territory after Monte Alban. Discover the five monumental architectural structures of this peaceful site.


Start your tour at Grupo Norte, the northern section of buildings, and move towards the Grupo de las Columnas. Admire Mitla’s unique architecture and ornamental décor.

Feel the mysticism of the place by appreciating the simple and unique style of the Main Palace, a structure renowned for its incredible architecture and height. The building challenges the laws of gravity, it has a narrow base that widens as it increases in height. Make sure to also experience the magnificent Hall of Columns and feel the richness of the artistic environment.


Continue your tour at the Grupo de Adobe, also known as the Calvary group. Take a close look at the mound of earth and stones upon which the first Catholic church of Mitla was built. As you continue along the 5th of February Street, you will find the Grupo del Arroyo where you can admire the three courtyards and their ornamental corridors. Conclude your tour by visiting the Grupo del Sur, located near the mighty Mogotes (limestone hills) and discover the famous underground chamber wedged between the two stone mounds. 

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