Open Chapel to the sky in Teposcolula

San Pedro y San Pablo Tepozcolula , Oaxaca

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Teposcolula, the Mixtec capital in viceregal times, guards the stories and legends of its past.

Admire the front view of the convent, built arch after arch from the remains of the Mixtec despotic rule that projects the mixture of cultures that have inhabited the region. Concentrate on the finely carved stones, which together with many others make up the spectacular facade. The bicultural architectural influences allows the faithful to gather in a chapel that is open to the sky.

Listen to the echo and experience how it feels to congregate in the wide atrium, where the Dominican friars once evangelized the indigenous populations by positioning new gods over the ancient ones. This was a center where two cultures fused together over time until they became just one. Practice your faith by praying in the open air.

Stand in front of the sober stone cross standing at the center of the atrium. Reflect on this example on how in spite of the differences, symbolic similarities facilitated the acceptance of a new religion in place of old beliefs. For example, new buildings were still aligned with the four cardinal points of the indigenous worldview.

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