Listen to the Oaxaca Hummingbird in Pluma Hidalgo

Pluma Hidalgo , Oaxaca

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Bahías de Huatulco

The majestic more than seventy meters high, Pluma Hidalgo waterfall, flows into its beautiful rivers and is home to the Oaxaca hummingbird.


Dive into the paths and walkways to reach the waterfall. Impress yourself by the sounds of birds: over a hundred species of birds that flutter and sing through the woods. The way arrives until the Arcoiris waterfall, it is called like that because according to the settlers, it displays a rainbow in the water edge at noon. Delight with its movement and surrender to the nature that surrounds you.


Go slowly to find the bonito hummingbird or Oaxaca hummingbird, a small, dizzying flier that can give fifty-five flutters per second. Chat with the wood keepers to find formulas for their protection. This animal is in danger of extinction because it is estimated that there are only two thousand five hundred specimens.
Observe the magical colors of the hummingbird in shades of green, turquoise, emerald green and violet blue enjoy their scattered movements and discover them solitary, fleeting, and able to forget their territory and continue flying. Listen to their song that is confused with the sounds of other birds in motion, feel like a hummingbird and fly up straight to the top of the mountains in Pluma Hidalgo.


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