Explore the Corners of Monte Albán

Oaxaca , Oaxaca

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Monte Albán, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the former ceremonial and military capital of the Zapotecs who settled in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca. There, you will find temples, tombs, courtyards, ball courts and more.

When you travel in the area, you will find places that functioned mainly as ceremonial precincts. Learn about the Mixtec and Teotihuacan influence in architecture, ceramics and mural painting. Discover the engraved stones at Plaza de los Danzantes and the Stones of Conquest, which depicts the battles and triumphs of Monte Alban over other towns in the region.
Learn about the rituals that were carried out in the ball games, where the famous Mesoamerican sport was practiced by hitting a ball with hips, elbows and knees.
Finishing the visit of Monte Albán, head to Santa María Atzompa, which is only 4 kilometers away, where you can buy various pottery handicrafts and the famous natural clay figures, you can also visit the recently opened archaeological site of the same name, town of Zapotec affiliation, as well as visit its museum of site and you will understand why the importance of this place with a wide pottery tradition.

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