Enjoy the Flavors of Capulalpam

Capulálpam de Méndez , Oaxaca

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The cuisine of Capulalpam is rich and varied. Enjoy traditional dishes such as mole, amarillo and stuffed peppers typical of the region. Try the tepache, a traditional refreshing drink. Savor the mezcal and approach a mezcalero master who will teach you the secrets of this unique and mysterious drink . 

Start your culinary tour with breakfast at the nearby restaurants; enjoy a delicious enfrijolada accompanied by a cut of beef, called tasajo. Bean tostadas and chilaquiles are another good option. Let the delicious taste and the foam of a hot water chocolate warm up your morning in this cool place.

After midday, have for lunch an amarillo quesadilla with chicken. Captivate your palate with the traditional mole, called chichilo. Get refreshed from the afternoon heat with a delicious oatmeal water. Finally, enjoy a delicious cup of Oaxaca coffee or a pericón tea, good for digestion.

Enjoy yourself with a light dinner at one of the downtown cenadurías, and delight  the exquisite flavors of this unique Oaxacan region.


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