Climb the Cerro Espino and cotemplate coffee farms

Pluma Hidalgo , Oaxaca

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When Porfirio Diaz was in power, from 1876 to 1911, the coffee farms of Oaxaca had a great boom because they began to export high quality products to other regions of the world It was then when a coffee tradition began to develop in Oaxaca. Currently, Pluma Hidalgo shelters more than fifty coffee farms.
Know the curiosities of the region that has achieved a denomination of origin known as the variety de Pluma due to its product’s aroma, texture and color. It is exported worldwide, come and explore its route.
Learn the processes of grain selection while you notice it is cultivated under an ideal temperature. It is considered a high grown coffee; it is one of the best coffees produced in Mexico. Go into the most remote places in this route.
Choose one or several of the farms that welcome you so you can walk between their green passages surrounded by coffee plantations with red seeds and millenary trees that will make you get into unknown dimensions.


Located in the interior of the Finca San Rafael, the Cerro del Espino, is a privileged place to know prehistoric and endemic plants that have survived the climatic changes of Mother Nature.


When you are in this place, visit the Paraje Las Animas, it is a magical place where you feel part of the cloudy sky recreating a mysterious atmosphere.


If you are looking for an overnight stay in one of these farms or in the downtown area, be well informed and take a break, you can spend the night breathing the aroma and the flavor of Pluma Hidalgo coffee.


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