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Linares , Nuevo Léon

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This museum is located in a big, old remodeled mansion with a French-style facade that is believed to have been owned by the founder of Linares.

On the ground floor, you will find rotating exhibitions, while on the second floor, you can enjoy a complete overview of Linares’ history with pieces dating back millions of years to the times of the dinosaurs to nowadays.

Enter the welcoming and wide interior courtyard, with fossil remains that tell about the origin of the region’s first inhabitants. Discover petroglyphs, stone carved by the first settlers and go through hundreds of years of local history in the exhibit halls that show evidence of the past.

Learn how Linares was known as the Commercial Center that supplied the northeast region with unrefined brown sugar, sugar cane liquor and agave nectar. This tradition of manufacturing is still true today as Linares is famous for its elaboration of “burnt milk” sweet candies.

Discover the glamour and the prosperity of Linares inhabitants through their elegant furniture and clothing. Appreciate the historical significance of events like the Mexican Revolution and learn how these events forged the city’s character.


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