Cola de caballo at Villa de Santiago

Villa de Santiago , Nuevo Léon

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Beautiful waterfall with water that comes downhill from the Sierra Madre Oriental. It’s name “Cola de Caballo” (Ponytail) was given because of it’s great resemblance to the tail of this animal. In the rain season, the waterfall is truly overwhelming and it’s divided by the mountin forming thin strands of water. Freefall approach through the birdge to the front of the waterfall, lift your head up and watch the beginning of the waterfall fall under your feet and experience that deafens by the runoff over the rocks. Wet faces Feel the energy that the waterfall Feel the energy that the waterfall gives off by its force of gravity and let yourself be moistened by the constant breeze. Observe the vast flora at the sides of the waterfall, sustaining themselves teasing puffs of water. A must to enter the National Park Cumbres de Monterrey.

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