A village of peaceful people

Villa de Santiago , Nuevo Léon

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With panoramic views, Villa de Santiago, a Magical Village, is admired through a landscape of Sierra, tile and a water mirror, the La Boca Dam, an attractive space for water activities. It is a colonial village that welcomes hundreds of regiomontanos every weekend and it is a gateway to the Sierra Madre Oriental to beautiful natural scenery such as rivers, waterfalls, forests with a vast and diverse fauna, place of the best adventures of canyoning and climbing that can be lived in the country. 


Through its cobbled streets, there are old houses with elegant facades inviting you to visit them. Ocampo Square, the main square of Villa de Santiago, with a kiosk and a fountain welcome the walkers to enjoy the beautiful set. Take a look of the Santiago Apóstol Parish Church of baroque style with two towers and a wide atrium giving a touch of grace and personality to its name. Next to the Municipal Palace is located the Santiago History Museum, guarding its peoples' wisdom. To the other end of the square is the House of Culture, a space of artistic expression for the people of Santiago 


Come and go by its corners full of light, an invitation to know them and enjoy the peaceful life of the village. 

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