Tradition of healers in the magical Jala

Jala , Nayarit

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Casa Semilla

The name Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) resonates in Jala, where traditional medicine, passed down through the ages, is still alive and well.

Recognize the ancestral wisdom transmitted from parents to children since ancient times. These bring to mind pre-Hispanic customs among scents of copal, common rue and ocote pine.

While a healer, known as shamans or jitéberis, lays hands on you, watch him entrust himself to the God to calm your spirit. Witness how these herbalist experts turn natural roots and plants into unguents and ointments.

Ask a traditional doctor to attract love, remove the evil eye or see the future. Stand in the center of a circle and feel the alcohol sprinkling your body and the branches purifying and collecting bad luck or disease. Observe the struggle between good and evil in the fire that forges and transforms in the midst of prayers invoking Mother Nature.


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