Salto de Jala waterfall, Nayarit beauty

Jala , Nayarit

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From June to September can you admire El Salto Waterfall, a 98 feet high waterfall located at the end of a one kilometer walk.

From the beginning of your walk, you can see in the distance some white trickles that grow thicker as you approach the rocky formations covered by vegetation and water that flows, leaps, and splashes.

Among the green mountains, walk through the damp trails. Listen to birds of all kinds. Listen to the neighing of the horses and the bellowing of the cows that break the silence.

As you keep walking, listen more closely to the water of a small stream while the landscape is closing and you feel the humidity.

Wear appropriate footwear to walk the marked paths that converge at a spectacular waterfall that flows over the rocks in the middle of the hill. Freshen up at the pool that forms at the foot of the waterfall and feel the fine mist as you get closer.


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