The Former Hacienda of San Nicolás: a monumental legend in Tlayacapan

Tlayacapan , Morelos

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The former hacienda of San Nicolas is a 16th-century colonial monument that, according to legend, belonged to Hernán Cortés, who inherited his grandson Pedro.


Enter the legendary territory and see how the solid construction stands on its thick columns and high arches. Have a look at the bottom to discover the robust magueys serving as the perfect setting for you to start your photo shooting.

Discover how after a period of boom the building was abandoned, later taken by the Augustinian friars, to be again at the hands of a descendant of Hernán Cortés to whom, at the end, was confiscated by the national government.


Take advantage of the daylight and the closeness with the former Convent of San Juan Bautista or the Cerería. Participate in the vintage of the area and be surprised by the delicate clay pottery sold in the village. You will have to decide whether bringing flowerpots, pots, dishes, jugs or comales.

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