Walk Tlalpujahua, the land of tezontle

Tlalpujahua , Michoacán

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Nestled among mountains and cedar forests, lies town of Tlalpujahua. It is a beautiful place to walk by. Designated as a Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town), its name means “spongy earth” or “land of tezontle”. Be surprised by all the beautiful things this town has prepared for you.


In the morning, begin your tour in the municipal market. Spoil your senses with the delicious aromas and colors of its fruits. Delight your palate with a breakfast consisting a beef barbacoa de cabeza with handmade tortillas. Be wrapped by the exquisite flavor of local delicacies such as uchepos (corn dish) accompanied with a guava atole (local corn-based drink), or try some delicious corundas (similar to a tamale).


Continue your visit going up through the narrow street leading to the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Carmen, a beautiful 18th Century Baroque monument built on the top of the hill. Once inside, admire the image of the Virgin, kept in an adobe wall that has resisted the force of a mud avalanche. Observe the mermaids and tritons at the front of the pedestals. Walk through the beautiful atrium of the sanctuary and be amazed at the magnificent view from this beautiful and unique viewpoint.

Walk towards the lower part of the village and head to the Franciscan Convent, another beautiful 18th Century building, where you can see an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, painted by Miguel Cabrera. Take a break at the garden of the Main Square and admire its beautiful octagonal kiosk while savoring a delicious fruit sorbet.


Walk along its beautiful and quiet streets as you head to the Hermanos Lopez Rayon Museum, where you will find photographs, models, floor plans and the entire history of the building, closely linked to the Insurgent Movement and mining activities. Finally, enjoy a cool sunset at this beautiful jewel among the hills of Michoacan.


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