Visit the mining memories of Angangueo

Angangueo , Michoacán

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The mining tradition of Angangueo dates back to the 17th Century, with the exploration of its copper, silver and gold deposits.
Ascend on foot and meet the monument to the miner. This is an ideal place to take the best pictures and enjoy a panoramic view of the village. The monument was built in honor of Angangueo-born miner, Abraham Escalante Cedillo.
Walk the Casa Parker Museum, a French-style site owned by a foreign couple who settled in Angangueo. Learn of Mr. Parker's passion for photography, which shaped the lives of the miners and the people of the time. Discover the documents and photos of the mining past.

To end your tour, visit the Catingón Mines and the Carmen Mine, where you can also appreciate the entrance to the San Hilario Mine. Learn about how the locals worked to extract the most coveted minerals from the region. 

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