Visit the House of Eleven Patios

Pátzcuaro , Michoacán

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Lose yourself in the House of Eleven Patios, the former Convent of Santa Catarina, the legacy of Dominican Nuns, is now a handcraft center where the craftsmen weave colored threads into dreams with their skilled and capable hands. 

Enjoy each of the patios made from stone and earthenware with viceregal arches, columns, beams, and wooden shoes. Feel the warm silence of their spaces. Listen to the rhythmic song of the looms as they weave colorful robes.
In each patio you will discover birds splashing in the fountains. Admire the white limestone walls, the cool shade of the eaves, everything arranged to enjoy great beauty.  

In this center of handcrafted goods, you can purchase masks with dantesque faces, embroidered figures that resemble ancient codes, suns and moons in an eternal sunset, and owls and jaguars that evoke immortal deities. Value the craft and support the work of these men and women who are faithful to their ancestral traditions as they continue to weave dreams with their hands.


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