Tzintzuntzan, archaeological capital of the Tarasco lordship

Tzintzuntzan , Michoacán

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On the slopes of the Yarahuato y Tariqueri Mount is located Tzintzuntzan, one of the last great cities of the pre-Hispanic world and ancient Purepecha capital city. 


Live the splendor and power of the capital of the Tarasco lordship. Meet the legend of Irecha, the last Tarasco king, who lived among the stone walls of the site. The king was known as Cazonci, that who never takes off his sandals; he got this nickname because, although all the nobles who taxed the Mexica empire removed their sandals when they were before the Mexica rulers, this king showed a rebellious and indomitable attitude and he never undressed his feet before anyone as a sign of submission, although he complacently did it in their family environment.


Feel the air breathed by the eagle lords and imagine how they governed and maintained control over their might. Admire the semicircular-shaped pyramidal bases that supported the wooden temples. Go back to your past and worship the main purepecha deity. Walk on the vestiges where the most important decisions of the territory were made. Admire the ruins, the rituals, their plazas and their yacatas, those pyramids which were ancient temples. 


Go up to the palace and admire the Patzcuaro Lake from its top. Feel the visual domain in this place where the main rulers and priests lived. Imagine how the Spaniards were surprised to see that this urban center had more than thirty thousand people and a million hidden secrets. 

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