Stroll Through the Vasco de Quiroga Square Among Stone and Arches

Pátzcuaro , Michoacán

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This square is considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in North America. It is open, illuminated, and friendly, and it receives foot traffic from all four sides. Large trees provide shade for families and visitors as they enjoy the beautiful area. 

Find old mansions with elegant entryways and the cool stone benches in the surrounding area. In the center of the square, admire the Vasco de Quiroga fountain, a bronze sculpture of the bishop and city's benefactor. 

Discover the house of Don Antonio de Huitzimengari, a descendant of Caltzontzin, the last Purepecha emperor. In its interior you can purchase handcrafts made by Purepecha hands.
Take a seat in a cafe and a try a crispy, coffee-flavored garnacha. Watch time pass with the murmur of the bustle of pedestrians. 

Let yourself be carried away by the laughter of children playing, and the green gardens that contrast with the stone and the red earth. In the corridors, learn about the works of local artists as they exhibit every Sunday. Stop to refresh yourself with an helado de pasta or a roasted ear of corn and tarasca sauce. Enjoy it on one of the benches while you enjoy the danza de los viejitos –old people's dance– a traditional welcome ceremony for the visitors.

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