With an area of 647 hectares, the Bosque de Chapultepec is one of the largest oasis in Mexico City and one of the most enchanting sites to visit. The entrance to the forest shows us the Monument to the Heroe Children, continue walking and you'll face the challenge of climbing the small hill crowned by the Castle of Chapultepec, a former imperial palace and presidential residence. The Chapultepec Castle houses the National Museum of History. In addition to viewing murals of Siqueiros, the sumptuousness of the rooms of the President Porfirio Diaz and his wife, Carmen Romero Rubio, make you breathe the frenchified air of Mexico of the nineteenth century. The Chapultepec Zoo, the Botanical Garden and several interesting museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art, or the dedicated to Rufino Tamayo, are some of the attractions that you can enjoy in the first section of the Bosque de Chapultepec. The National Museum of Anthropology is so large it is difficult to walk around in a single visit. More information in Chapultepec

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