Riding to the El Tabardillo Viewpoint in Mazamitla

Mazamitla , Jalisco

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Renta Mazamitla

A string of horses await to ride between the green of the pines and the blue of the sky. Let your horse take you on an adventure, and enjoy its verve while you are in command of the reins.

As you withdraw from the streets of Mazamitla among barking dogs and the sound of horseshoes on the stones, a guide will be waiting for you to join an adventure. He brings you to Los Cazos at a trot. The cabins blend in with the density of the shrubs and trees. The road is closed by a path that catches your eye as you pass by. It is like an enchanted garden that seduces you with its green carpets of yellow and red flowers.

You will arrive at El Salto, a deep, beautiful waterfall. Water veils drift in the wind and splash you like a fresh breeze. You will marvel at the simplicity of the falling water.

Admire the landscape that you can see from the El Tabardillo viewpoint, and be shocked by the scenery of the Volcan de Fuego and the Nevado de Colima in the distance, and the village of Mazamitla and the Sierra del Tigre at your feet.

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