Remains of old settlers in Mascota

Mascota , Jalisco

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In an old mansion in Mascota you will find the Archaeological Museum, an enclosure with three halls with a permanent exhibition that allows you to enjoy photographs, petroglyphs, tombstone elements, objects of offerings and more than 600 archaeological pieces extracted from excavations carried out in the region, such as El Pantano, a cemetery almost 1,000 years old and of great cultural value for the area.

Enter the museum and enjoy the archaeological wealth of Mascota, one of the richest in Jalisco. In its corridors and halls you will find pieces such as wooden canoes, large stones with petroglyphs representing religious ceremonies and more vestiges, all of which keep a piece of history to discover.

Admire the rock paintings, the sun is represented in them with a series of concentric circles; also the shaman, who is a central character, is represented, and Tlalolc, the god of rain. When you see these paintings you will discover how their ancient inhabitants related to natural phenomena such as sun, water and fertility.

Observe remains of shaft tombs of almost 3,000 years that have ceramic objects, bone remains and offerings of both the Huichola and Olmec culture, as well as areas as far afield as the Andean region.


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