Experience the adventure of touring the Sierra Madre

Puerto Vallarta , Jalisco

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An unforgettable adventure waits for you in the rainforest of the Sierra Madre that surrounds Puerto Vallarta. Various tours on foot, on horseback, or in an ATV or 4x4 vehicle allow you to choose how to explore the rainforest. You can even fly through the canopy on a zip line.

As you make your way up the mountains, you will notice a change in the climate and vegetation. Before you know it, you will find yourself surrounded by wilderness in the heart of the lush jungle.

Your adventure begins by climbing up to the platform that is set between the treetops 45 to 90 feet up in the air. From there, you take off and glide through the canopy experiencing the best views of the landscape and the thrill of racing through the trees.
In Puerto Vallarta, you decide how adventurous you want to be and how fast you want your heart to beat.

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