Enjoy a walk in Tlaquepaque

Guadalajara , Jalisco

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Tlaquepaque was founded by Totonac natives. They produced everyday utensils and art objects before the Spaniards arrived. Today, the town continues to be an artisan city known for its galleries and handicrafts.

Walk around the streets and alleyways lined with contemporary, and viceregal buildings. Be sure to stop by Hidalgo Garden, the cultural epicenter of the town. Enjoy the gardens, galleries and restaurants around the area.

Visit the temples dedicated to Santa Anita, Toluquilla, San Martin de las Flores and Los Santos Martires Mexicanos, and stop in front of the monumental façade of the El Refugio Cultural Center, where Mexican art collections are exhibited.

Find a ceramic workshop to learn about the process to prepare the blends, bake and paint ceramics. Explore one of the blown glass workshops and watch the artisan’s meticulous technique.

Relax in this beautiful plaza while listening to mariachi music. You can find numerous vendors selling snacks and cold drinks.

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